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Snakebusters®, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
hands on animals, displaying and catching without dangerous tongs and other cruel to animals devices. Reptile catchers all suburbs Melbourne, Victoria and Australia.

Hands on reptiles® and hands on wildlife and snakes catching, reptile catcherSnake Catcher Melbourne, Reptile catchers Melbourne, no "killer tongs", Snakebusters® Melbourne
Snake catcher

PHONE: 0412 777 211
(03) 9812-3322.
(Government licenced "hands on" snake catchers and "hands on reptiles" (no killer tongs) catcher)
See below for details.
Melbourne, Victoria, all areas, 0412 777 211
For the handling and removal of reptiles.
(Note it is an offence for an unlicenced snake catcher or reptile catchers to catch or kill a snake or use tongs to catch or injure snakes). Snakebusters are licenced snake catchers and experts. We don't use "killer tongs" to kill snakes!
Don't take risks - Snakebusters, the professional reptile catcher.
Live shows, events, parties, school incursions - click here.

24 hours a day, all Melbourne suburbs and nearby
(See: Our terms and conditions).

Snakebusters hands on reptiles catchers and snake removals (24 hour), Melbourne and nearby areas only.
snake catcher Melbourne

Reptile removals (24 hour), All parts of Australia (excluding Melbourne / see above).
snake catcher Melbourne

Venomous snake bites in people - the definitive paper about it (pdf file).
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Snake bite treatment and avoidance.
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Melbourne's Snakes - the definitive paper.
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If you have found a snake on your property - how to make the snakes go away - pdf file.
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Terms and conditions of Snakebusters hands on reptile removals.
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www.raymondhoser.com, www.smuggled.com and other relevant sites.
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Fine print ...
Terms and conditions of bookings, website legal statements, trademark rights asserted, Police checks, WWC Checks, Licences, risk assessments, insurances, ethics commitee approvals, intellectual property, etc.
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Snakebusters booking and contact page.

Non-urgent email inquiries to:
Our bookings page

For urgent inquiries please phone:
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:
(03) 9812 3322 or 0412 777 211

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